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    Cloud camera


  • No need network setting. Really simple, everyone can do it!

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    ① Camera registration

    ② Connect to internet

    ③ Watch video

  • 365/24 store or street monitoring

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  • More applications in web meeting, event streaming, internet TV…

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    Stream videos from iPhone, Android phone or Tablets

    or from video camera

  • Provide cloud storage for members

    ① Select file

    ② Upload it

    ③ Access from anywhere

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    Share with members or non-members

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    Get informed when access file

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KDLinX カメラ
KDLinX クラウドサービス
Simple start up as 1,2,3

Automatic Cloud Recording ( Up to 7 days)

Watch live and recorded video from browser


Pic Mgmt No need specific application

Pic Mgmt Alarm inform by SMS or email

Pic Mgmt Clip the video and save at local

Click date and time to start video play